Hollow Candles vs. Heikin Ashi Candlestick: Key Differences

Hollow Candles vs. Heikin Ashi Candlestick: Key Differences

By Yash

The Heikin Ashi candlestick patterns give an easy way to infuse averaging into the analysis of the price action of the instruments in the financial markets by making the candlesticks averaged. This leads the candlestick patterns to have a continuous and smoothened look by making them a lot better to look at and forecast the trends. When we look at hollow candles vs. Heikin Ashi, they are both created using low, high, close, and open prices. The major variation between both is that the Heikin Ashi candlestick patterns are an averaged version of the usual hollow candles that utilize the previous bar's information to get the current candle's open price. On all the platforms, the color-coding of the candles of Heikin Ashi can also vary. So, it is not possible to give a standard approach based on that. But we can give you a way to find out which colors are being used. You can start the trading platform and apply the Heikin-Ashi candles for the chart.


You should then see a clear uptrend and find out the color or the kind of candle being utilized. You should then try to see a clear downtrend and find the color being utilized. It can be black, red, or candles of any other color. Now you have discovered the color coding used by the trading platform to represent the candlestick patterns of Heikin Ashi. Let us find out more about hollow candles vs. Heikin Ashi below.


Heikin-Ashi Candlestick Patterns Definition


The main objective of the Heikin Ashi candles is the same as the simple moving average. It is to flatten out the price volatility that the technical analysts get in the usual Japanese candlestick charts. This is what makes the Heikin Ashi candles an excellent way to find out the trends more easily. A usual behavior of the chart is that the candles remain green during the uptrends. It goes red when downtrends happen. The candle size is related to the strength of the movement, just like the usual candlesticks. A lengthy green candle shows strong bullish forces. A long red candle shows strong bearish forces. This is not something that can be attributed to this particular pattern only. A lengthy green candle also signifies robust bullish pressure in the standard candlestick charts. It is also a matter of not memorizing all the styles, patterns, or codes of candles but looking at them and finding out how the candle had become green and long.

It can be when the purchasers exert pressure on the sellers and push the prices up. It can also be when the sellers remove the limit order when they think the price will increase. You must keep in mind that the top method to analyze a chart is by examining and trying to make some sense of the overall price action of the instrument by using some logic. The candles do not show any particular behavior on their own. They are only a visual representation of the actions of the sellers or purchasers. So, the main thing we care about is how sellers and buyers behave. When we see hollow candles vs. Heikin Ashi, the latter is the average representation of this behavior. To craft a candle using Heikin Ashi, you need to have trading data for a couple of continuous bars as the formula develops an average of the information given by the previous bar to find out the candle's open price. A great point here to remember about the Heikin Ashi is that sometimes, the high or the low value can be situated inside the candle's body. Then, there is no visual representation of it by examining the chart.

For instance, the lowest candle may be fifteen dollars. But the opening of the candle by using an average calculation may be thirteen dollars. This will lead to the wicks being hidden in a lot of the scenarios.


Hollow Candles vs. Heikin-Ashi


The Heikin Ashi candles give a smooth, averaged version of the overall action of the prices in a chart. On the contrary, the hollow candles include the noise of notable price changes. The hollow candles give a raw version of the low, high, close, and open prices of a certain bar. The Heikin Ashi candles give an averaged version that hinges on having the information of the previous candles to find out about the present one. A standard chart is made of hollow candles. When the price of any instrument sees a downward movement, there are several green candles too during the decline. This is the main issue with the standard candle charts. There is no method to decrease the noise and find out clearly what is going on in the chart. But when the chart introduces Heikin Ashi candles, you can note in comparison to the hollow candles that the candles in continuity have the same color and are uniform. On any chart with it implemented, it is a lot simpler to find out when the price of an asset is falling or increasing. This is because of the uniformity in the color of the candles.

The change in color happens only when there is a clear probable change in the direction. You can also see some animated overlays of hollow candles vs. Heikin Ashi to better understand the changes between the styles of each candlestick pattern. The structures of both charts are not that different from each other. The only change lies in the continuity of the colored candles whenever any trend occurs.


Why Heikin Ashi is Preferred in Hollow Candles vs. Heikin Ashi


Heikin Ashi is an indicator that is highly accessible and does not need any installation. It can be found on any online trading platform out there. It is also quite easy to interpret the charts of Heikin Ashi by any trader who is able to understand candlestick patterns. These patterns are easier to decipher than the usual candlesticks. So, it is simple for any trader to read the patterns. These candlesticks are also more useful in finding out about the movements and trends in the financial markets. It is an indicator that is very reliable. It gives precise results. It utilizes historical data that is also very dependable. The Heikin Ashi indicators filter out all the noise generated by the movement of the prices of the instruments. It decreases the small corrections and makes the signals easier to read. The smoothing effect makes it simpler for the trader to find the trend. The financial markets always have a lot of noise.

With the assistance of such noise reduction, this pattern helps the traders to plan their trades and their points of entry and exit in a better manner. This indicator can also be easily combined with the other technical indicators. This helps to give even better signals regarding the movements of prices in the financial markets. The indicator can also be utilized in any short or long time frame. But longer time frames are better in this regard.



When we see hollow candles vs. Heikin Ashi, it is typical to see both green and red candles in the former as the trend starts developing. It does not matter if it is bearish or bullish. In the last charts, the color of the candles looks more uniform. This depends on whether you are thinking about a bearish or bullish trend. Here is where the power of averaging lies. A crucial point to remember in this regard is that the traders should not commit the error of entering any trade by thinking that the candle's list price will be the current market price. The traders should always remember that the Heikin Ashi candles give an average version of the low, high, close, and open prices. This means that the trader never sees the present ask and bid prices. The candles of this pattern are utilized best in combination with the most basic trend of price action analysis. These are finding out the major resistance and support levels. The other is to find out whether the market is going to trend.