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As a user, you must understand the following terms of the organization's service. Any continued usage of the website implies that the user has read and consented to the terms instituted by operates this website. The terms of service can be edited throughout the period you use this website without prior notice. Any continued usage of the website verifies that the user has agreed to abide by the newly introduced terms of service. Keep in mind that the terms and conditions of any additional agreements with must be honored in addition to the existing Terms of Service.

Stockprices Privacy Policy

If there are any concerns or queries about the website's Privacy Policy, please go to and click to see the privacy policy. The privacy policy outlines why and how the website collects certain data from the user and what is done with that collected data. The privacy of the user is always of the utmost concern to

Stockprices Copyright Protection is under copyright protection. This copyright protection includes, but is not restricted to, the website's logo, the files, website design, graphics, type of text, and any arrangement of these items mentioned. If not outlined in this policy, the website's material may not be downloaded, transmitted, displayed, distributed, reproduced, republished, or copied. It may also not be posted by any means or in any way, including, but not restricted to, mechanical, recording, electronic, or photocopying, without the prior consent in written form from the website. The user may be given permission to use and view the materials on this site to get information for non-commercial purposes only.

Stockprices Trademarks

Stockprices is a registered trademark and is thus protected by the trademark laws of the land. The user may not copy, imitate, or use any part of the trademarked material of the website, except with prior written consent from the website. The customized graphics, page headers, scripts, and button icons are seen as trademarks of the website and are protected. The website may also display trademarks that are owned by external entities. These trademarks may not be in the website's protection but are protected by the owners of these trademarks. The usage of by the user must be restricted to non-commercial and personal use. It is not legal to resell any aspect of the website. Please refrain from using data extraction or gathering methods on the website.

Stockprices Website Linking Terms

The user may be permitted to get a hyperlink to the website. But, the user is forbidden from conveying the website in a defamatory, derogatory, false, or misleading manner. To use any of the registered trademarks, the user must have written permission from the website before using the material. Any user that clicks on a link and goes outside of the website is no longer under the protection of our domain. The website will not be held responsible for the content or practices found on the linked sites. Be advised that going on a link away from the site will be done at the user's risk.

Stockprices Website Usage

At, we have faith in the website's users. The website expects that the user will behave within moral reason and respectfully. From this point on, the user acknowledges that they are expected to act morally and abide by all the rules established in this policy. The user must never interfere with the security of the website users or the website in general. The user will never abuse the website or the services provided by the website. The user agrees never to abuse the system resources, interfere with the accounts, or disrupt the website's servers or any networks that are accessible or associated through the website or our affiliates. The user will never interfere with the restrictions of access to the website. Most importantly, the user agrees to follow all the laws that comply with the website's usage. There may be local, state, national, or international regulations. The user acknowledges that the website is not responsible for the businesses that advertise and the quality of goods or services that they provide.

Stockprices Warranty Disclaimer

The website users understand and agree that the website and the products, materials, and content that is present to the user "as is" and however it is present. When the user uses the website, it is at their own risk. The website disclaims any warranties of title or other implied warranties. Do not depend on any information or advice supplied by the website or any entity associated with the website. Any downloading or access to the other website through our website is done at the user's sole risk. The user, and only the user, are responsible for any possible computer damage. If the user suffers a loss of data from viruses obtained through downloading software, data, or content, the website is not responsible.

The website has no responsibility for services, data, or products given by other parties accessed through the website unless established prior by a written document from the website. The website is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the other websites. The website cannot promise that any content on the site will always meet all of the user's requirements or that the website's content will be secure, error-free, uninterrupted, or timely. We cannot say that any or all of the defects will be corrected. Any damages suffered, including service interruptions, loss of data, file corruption. Errors and system lags are not the responsibility of the website. If the user lives in a state where these restrictions do not apply, they may be exempt.