TOP Financial's stock slides after Hong Kong-based company saw huge gains

  • Shares of TOP Financial Group Ltd. fell 12.2% in premarket trades after ending Friday's session up 64.8% — the biggest daily percentage gain since April 28, 2023 when the stock rose 441.1%.

What's happening with the Top Financial stock price?

  • Top Financial (NASDAQ: TOP) stock price went parabolic on Friday as American equities continued their bull run. Shares of the meme stock soared to a high of $7.75, its highest point since July 2023.
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Zhong Yang Financial Group Limited (TOP) can hold. Click on Rating Page for detail.

The price of Zhong Yang Financial Group Limited (TOP) is 2.8 and it was updated on 2024-02-22 11:01:09.

Currently Zhong Yang Financial Group Limited (TOP) is in overvalued.


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Traders and investors see opportunity in high-stakes ‘musical chairs' of Chinese stocks, Stocktwits says

  • Despite the opacity of China's economy, small-cap Chinese stocks continue to attract attention, according to Stocktwits, a social platform for investors and traders.
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Why Top Financial Group Stock Dived Suddenly Today

  • The Hong Kong-based financial services provider is going to the investor well for more financing. It aims to raise up to $300 million through the issuance of one or several financial instruments.
    Mon, Jul. 03, 2023

Why Top Financial Group Stock Soared 20% Higher Today

  • The Hong Kong-based financial services provider published its fiscal 2023 annual report. It boosted its revenues by 24%.
    Fri, Jun. 30, 2023
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SEC Filings
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TOP Stock Surges 25% After Company Rebounds From Stock Halts

  • Shares of TOP Financial Group (NASDAQ: TOP ) stock are up by about 25% on no company-specific news. The company, headquartered in Hong Kong, engages in the provision of equities, futures and options trading through its subsidiaries.
  • 06/05/2023

TOP Stock Alert: TOP Financial Group Resumes Trading

  • TOP Financial Group (NASDAQ: TOP ) resumed trading yesterday after shares were suspended from May 12 to May 25. And were then suspended again from May 25 to May 30.
  • 05/31/2023

Nasdaq Announces Trading Will Resume in TOP Stock on May 30

  • Top Financial Group (NASDAQ: TOP ) stock is on some investors' minds on Friday. Traders were hoping that TOP stock would reopen for trading today, but that was not the case.
  • 05/26/2023

TOP Stock Alert: TOP Financial Group Still Not Trading After SEC Suspension

  • TOP Financial Group (NASDAQ: TOP ) stock is in focus after the Nasdaq decided to suspend shares from May 12 to May 25. Under “Reason Codes,” the exchange provided H10, T1 and T3.
  • 05/26/2023

TOP Stock Alert: SEC Suspends Trading in Top Financial

  • Top Financial (NASDAQ: TOP ) stock is in the news Friday after the company's shares were suspended by the SEC. The big news here is the SEC halting trading of TOP stock as it investigates recent volatile movements.
  • 05/12/2023

Meme stock Magic Empire down 6.5%

  • Shares of meme stock Magic Empire Global Ltd. MEGL fell 6.5% in premarket trades Tuesday, pulling back after ending Monday's session up 27%.
  • 05/09/2023

Meme stock Top Financial Group plunges 39.4% on heavy trading volume

  • Shares of meme stock TOP Financial Group Ltd. TOP, -38.79% fell 39.4% Friday amid heavy trading volume.
  • 05/05/2023

TOP Stock: What Is Going on With TOP Financial Group Today?

  • TOP Financial Group (NASDAQ: TOP ) is back at it on Wednesday, with TOP stock up more than 50% as of this writing. This action comes shortly before the Federal Reserve makes its rate-hike announcement and updates investors on its outlook.
  • 05/03/2023

Small-cap Chinese stocks spark meme-like buzz

  • Small-cap Chinese stocks have been attracting plenty of attention in recent days, according to data from Stocktwits, a social platform for investors and traders.
  • 05/02/2023

Why Shares of Top Financial Group Are Up Again Today

  • Top Financial is a small online brokerage based in Hong Kong. One trader sees the momentum behind the stock fading soon.
  • 05/02/2023

Meme stock Top Financial Group climbs 8.9% premarket after plummeting Monday

  • Meme stock Top Financial Group Ltd. TOP rose 8.9% in premarket trades Tuesday after ending Monday's session down 52.4%.
  • 05/02/2023

After TOP Financial's surge, influential meme-stock trader looks for next big opportunity

  • TOP Financial Group Ltd. joined the list of meme stocks last week when its shares skyrocketed more than 890% before pulling back in Monday trading.
  • 05/01/2023

TOP Financial: Manias Do Exist You Know

  • TOP Financial rose well over 1,000% at one point intraday. This is an absurdity, a financial market mania.
  • 04/30/2023

Hong Kong broker Top Financial stock soars as much as 900% on meme trade

  • Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss the rise in shares of Top Financial as the stock soared as much as 900% as meme investors piled into the trade.
  • 04/28/2023

Chinese small-cap stocks surge in meme-like rally

  • The U.S.-listed shares of small and micro-cap Chinese firms soared on Friday, reminiscent of meme-like rallies last summer that were underpinned by strong demand from retail investors.
  • 04/28/2023

Why TOP Financial Group Has Blasted More Than 600% Higher Today

  • TOP Financial is being discussed on the popular investing subreddit WallStreetBets. The Hong Kong-based broker has a small public float.
  • 04/28/2023

3 Investors Betting Big on TOP Financial (TOP) Stock

  • Shares of Hong Kong-based TOP Financial (NASDAQ: TOP ) jumped as much as 1,000% higher following yesterday's close, and the reason isn't exactly clear. This morning, shares of TOP stock opened by about 250% higher and, as of this writing, are rocketing back up over 700%.
  • 04/28/2023

Why Is Top Financial (TOP) Stock Up 295% Today?

  • Top Financial (NASDAQ: TOP ) stock is taking off on Friday for unknown reasons as the financial services company's shares continue a recent rally. That rally started yesterday when the company's shares climbed almost 198% higher during normal trading hours.
  • 04/28/2023

U.S. Weekly IPO Recap: 1 Micro-Cap IPO Begins Trading

  • After a week of no IPOs or SPACs, May closed out with one small deal. Zhong Yang Financial Group priced at the low end to raise $25 million at a $175 million market cap.
  • 06/05/2022

Zhong Yang Financial Is the Latest Microcap IPO to Pop

  • The Chinese online broker priced five million shares at $5. The shares opened at $25.
  • 06/01/2022

Zhong Yang Stock Soars 300%: What's Going On?

  • Shares of China-based online brokerage firm Zhong Yang Financial Group (NASDAQ: TOP) are soaring Wednesday amid post-IPO volatility.  Zhong Yang offered 5 million shares of its common stock for $5 per share in its IPO on Wednesday, generating about $25 million in proceeds before.
  • 06/01/2022
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