Profitable Forex Trading Strategies That Will Work For You

Profitable Forex Trading Strategies That Will Work For You

By Yash


One of the most vital parts of trading in currencies is getting the right forex trading strategies. Usually, there are a lot of profitable forex strategies that have been created by various kinds of traders to assist you in making some gains in the forex markets. But the usual trader should find out the strategies that are good for their own trading style. It should also suit their overall risk tolerance. This is because no single trading strategy in the financial markets is suitable for everyone. In order to get steady gains in the markets, traders should try to reduce their losing trades and get more trades in which they win. Any forex trading strategies that can help you reach this aim can be the winning one for you.


How to Choose The Most Profitable Forex Strategies

Before we go on to talk about some of the best forex trading strategies, we must also find out more about the methods to choose such a strategy. Some crucial elements should be taken into account in this entire process. It is very important to choose a time frame suitable for the trading style you want to go for. For any trader, there is a big difference between trading on a weekly chart and a ten-minute chart. You may be more interested in becoming a scalper. This is a type of trader that tries to gain from small moves in the market. Then it would be best if you only focus on the lower time frames. On the contrary, swing traders should go with the lengthier charts and the daily charts. This will help them to get the best trading chances to get some profits. So, you should decide how long you want your trade to run before choosing one of the best forex trading strategies. The different periods will be related to different profitable forex strategies.

The next thing is to get the right size for your trade. The right trading strategies require you to know all about your sentiment when taking a risk in the financial markets. If you go into a trade with more risk than usual, it can cause problems as it can give you bigger losses if the trade does not go your way. A great piece of advice is to set a limit when executing each trade. For example, traders look to set a limit of about a percent on their trades. This means they will not risk more than a single percentage point of their trading accounts on a single trade. Suppose you have a higher or lower risk sentiment. In that case, you can double or half the risk percentage according to your preferences. Usually, the lower the number of trades you will execute, the bigger the position size should be. We have learned everything about the important elements before executing a trade in the forex markets. Now, let us move on to the best forex trading strategies used by many traders in the financial markets.



This is a very popular trading strategy that usually profits from the smaller movements in the markets. This strategy involves having many trades to get small profits with each. As an outcome, scalpers function to get bigger gains by getting a huge number of small gains. This method is totally opposite of holding a trade for long periods such as weeks, days, or hours. It is a famous tool in the forex markets because of its volatility and liquidity. The investors are seeking markets where the price actions are seeing constant movement to capitalize on the fluctuations in little increments. This kind of trader focuses on gains of around four to six pips per trade. But they are hoping that a large number of trades are successful because the gains are easy to get, stable, and constant. One of the disadvantages of this process is that a trader cannot stay in the trade for a long period. Also, the strategy needs a lot of attention and time. The person must keep analyzing the charts to get new trading chances.

Let us find out how this process works in real-time. We will take the example of the Euro and Dollar currency pair. This trading strategy is based on the thought that the trader will seek to sell when the price action moves above the moving average of the 200 periods. In a few hours, there will be several chances for trading. The price action will go a little above the moving average each time before going lower. A stop-loss is also situated at four to six pips above the moving average. The price action never exceeds the moving average by more than four pips. The profit also ranges from four to six pips as the trader tries to get a large number of successful trades with small gains. So, a total of about twenty pips will be collected as gains by the trader as a scalping trading strategy. One of those forex trading strategies is preferred by a lot of traders.


Day Trading

This talks about the process of trading currencies in a single day of trading. It is applicable in all financial markets. But this strategy is used a lot in the Forex markets. This approach is all about opening and closing your trades within the window of a day. Traders close all the positions by the end of the day to reduce risk. Scalpers are seeking to stay in the markets for some minutes. But day traders are typically more active over the day managing and monitoring the trades they have opened. The traders usually use half-hour and one-hour frames of time to get ideas for trading. There are a lot of day traders that base their forex trading strategies on the news. The scheduled events such as elections, GDPs, interest rates, and economic statistics greatly impact the financial markets. Apart from the limit set on each of the positions, the day traders also set some daily risk limits. One of the usual decisions among the traders is setting the daily risk limit. This helps to protect the capital and account.


Position Trading

This is a strategy that is used for the long term and focuses on fundamental factors. The minor fluctuations in the market in this strategy are not considered because they do not cause a lot of effects on the wider market scenario. The traders here monitor the fundamental factors such as political developments and central bank monetary policies to find the cyclical trends. The position traders that are successful may open a few traders over the year. But these traders' profit targets will be a couple hundred pips per trade. This trading strategy is more suitable for the traders who are patient. Their trades may take months or even years to play out properly. In these forex trading strategies, reversal sometimes happens because of the big monetary stimulus provided by the administration and the US Federal Reserve to assist the economy in troubled times. As an outcome, there is an increase in the number of active dollars. This leads to a decline in the value of the dollar. The traders who opt for these forex trading strategies usually like to start selling the dollar.



A trader must keep various things in mind when choosing the best forex trading strategies to execute and get gains in the forex markets. If you are a trader looking to get a greater number of positions, you should use a scalping trading strategy. On the contrary, the traders that look to spend more resources and time examining fundamental factors and macroeconomic reports will spend less time in front of the charts. Their trading strategy is going to be based on bigger positions and higher time frames. These are some factors that determine the forex trading strategies that the trader will use in the forex markets. There can be other methods and strategies out there that can also be explored by the informed trader.