The Top 3 Mutual Fund Apps To Make The Right Investments

The Top 3 Mutual Fund Apps To Make The Right Investments

By Yash


Investing in the present online world is a lot easier than it used to be before. You may prefer a hands-off approach or like to go over all the research available before making any trades in the financial markets. You may also fall somewhere between the two extremes as a trader. The right mutual fund apps can make it much simpler to realize your financial aims. The list contained here aligns more with Robo-advisors. These use an algorithm to manage all your investments in the financial markets. This is because, in a lot of ways, they feel a lot more accessible to the usual investor. The balance minimums and the fees are quite low, and the big-picture aims can assist in creating a diversified and individualized portfolio that does not need a lot of ongoing maintenance. These online mutual fund apps give passive and hands-on portfolios for passive investors and active trading. This article focuses on the qualities that make any mutual fund app and brokerage account highly useful. When comparing all the apps, look at the investment education resources, account types, investment choices, and fees.



This mutual fund app is a single windows solution for investing in the financial markets. You may be a newbie or an experienced investor. You will get what you want from this mutual fund app. This application has eliminated all ETF and stock trading fees. It gives more than 4,000 no-transaction-fee and no-load mutual funds. You may not be interested in self-directed investments. Then it gives a feature called Core Portfolios, which can be a great option. You must fill out a risk profile and share your risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals. Then you will get a recommendation for a portfolio of ETFs that are tax-sensitive. You can also customize the portfolio to be socially responsible. This shifts the allocation to include an ETF with firms that have progressive corporate, environmental, and social practices. This favors growth stocks to try to outperform the financial markets.

You will require at least 400 dollars to start investing with this app. But suppose you are investing more than 20,000 dollars. In that case, you can go for the Fixed Income, Dedicated, and Blend portfolios. Apart from giving a more customized portfolio, these plans also give you one-on-one advising by using a financial consultant. The brokerage also has a couple of mobile apps. You can use them to access your accounts, execute trades, research, and view charts.


2. SoFi Invest

Using this mutual fund app will not incur any fees for the user. For the people who are looking for something to set up a single time, the automated investing platform of the brokerage will recommend a portfolio that has been created from ETFs. This will be based on your overall risk tolerance. After you have decided which of the portfolios are good, you can start investing for as little as a dollar. You will also not have to rebalance the portfolio because the app will do it for you once every quarter. But suppose the aims or your financial situations see some changes. In that case, you can modify the portfolio and set up an appointment with a financial planner given by the brokerage at no extra cost. There are a savings and checking hybrid account with a competitive interest rate, debit card, and ATM fee reimbursements without any limits. It can store money as required if you are not ready to make the appropriate investments.

But you must remember that you will have to pay fees to the mutual funds you are invested in within your portfolio. The active traders will not have to shell out transaction fees when selling or purchasing ETFs, stocks, or fractional shares. You can also try to invest in cryptocurrencies. But the app charges more than a percent mark on these transactions. The app gives the option to invest in a lot of different cryptocurrencies. These include Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. 


3. Fidelity Go

This mutual fund app is quite easy to understand. It is for those who do not like to spend a lot of time or incur many fees when trying to build their wealth. You will have to answer questions about your aims, risk tolerance, and age. Then, a group of experts will choose the right Fidelity Flex mutual funds portfolio. None of these charges any fund expenses or additional management fees. This means that you are only going to pay a flat fee of about 0.4%. This is regardless of the instrument that you choose to invest in. You only need ten dollars to start investing with this mutual fund app. The professionals behind this app are real people and not any algorithm. They will rebalance your portfolio as required. You can modify your strategy of investment at any time from more than six different allocations that range from aggressive to conservative. The app has also changed its pricing tiers and added another option to help you with personalized financial planning.



Making the right investments is important in laying the right foundation for your overall financial future. In the present times of the online world, there is an app out there for everything. So, it makes sense that there will also be some great mutual fund apps. A lot of the investing apps do similar things. They assist you in selling and purchasing securities such as bonds and stocks from your computer and phone. But each of them has been created for different kinds of investors. Any person can benefit from things such as a simple user interface, low account minimums, and low fees. But you will also want to analyze what kind of investor each mutual fund app caters to. You may be seeking to use a mutual fund app. Then these are the best at present that you can use.