The Complete List of Upcoming IPO in July 2021

The Complete List of Upcoming IPO in July 2021

By Yash

There is a laundry list of upcoming IPO in July 2021. Many firms plan to get much-needed capital from Wall Street.


It is the rock-bottom interest rates and a rapid snap-back rally that has revived Wall Street. But there are more factors involved.

1. The trend of digital transformation will continue. It will bring more firms into the public markets. Many firms realize that they must adopt modern technology to remain competitive. These include artificial intelligence and cloud computing. In 2021, this could lead to a technology-sector-dominated IPO market.


2. For the past decade, venture capital markets have had significant cash at their disposal. They have invested in numerous startups and exhausted that cash. This has helped them to scale quickly. An IPO is the next step. It gives VCs and founders a way to cash in.


3. Trading stocks has become cheaper for many investors. That has bought a  significant number of new investors seeking high-growth chances. They are very likely to invest in IPO stocks.


Considering this, initial public offerings are sure to have continued momentum this year.


Here, we look at some of the upcoming IPO in July 2021 according to the IPO's calendar. This list includes potential blockbuster offerings.


The List of Upcoming IPO in July 2021


1. Moving iMage Technologies


Expected IPO Date: July 8, 2021

Symbol: MITQ

Exchange: NYSE

Price Range: $3

Shares: 3,500,000


Moving iMage Technologies is the first upcoming IPO on the July list.

It is a digital cinema company. It designs, manufactures, installs, and distributes a full suite of products. These include proprietary and custom-designed equipment and other off-the-shelf cinema products. The products are needed for contemporary cinema requirements.

They also offer single-source solutions for cinema design, procurement, installation, and service. They cater to the creative and production communities for screening, digital intermediate, and other critical viewing rooms.

The company offers a wide range of technical, design, and consulting services such as custom engineering, systems design, integration and installation, digital technology, and software solutions for operations enhancement and theater management.

They also provide turnkey furniture, fixtures, and equipment services (FF&E). They give this to commercial cinema exhibitors for new construction and remodels. This includes design, consulting, installation, and project management. They help procure seats, lighting, etc., acoustic treatments, screens, projection, and sound.


2. TradeUP Acquisition


Expected IPO Date: July 9, 2021

Symbol: UPTD

Exchange: NASDAQ

Price Range: $10

Shares: 4,000,000


Another upcoming IPO in July, TradeUp Acquisition, is a newly organized blank check company. It is formed as a Delaware corporation. This has been done to effect a merger, reorganization, stock purchase, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, or similar business combination with one or more businesses.

Their efforts to identify a business will span many industries and regions around the world. However, the firm intends to focus our search for prospects within the technology industry.

UP Fintech Holding Limited owns the firm's founders, Tradeup Inc. and US Tiger. It is a NASDAQ-listed company (Nasdaq: TIGR). UP Fintech is an online brokerage firm. It focuses on global Chinese investors.

UP Fintech offers users brokerage and value-added services through its platforms. As of October 2020, it had over one million global users with a total trading volume of over $62 billion.


3. LinkDoc Technology


Expected IPO Date: July 9, 2021

Symbol: LDOC

Exchange: NASDAQ

Price Range: $17.50 - $19.50

Shares: 10,825,000


LinkDoc's mission is to make personalized care and precision medicine a reality. The story of every patient's journey is uncovered. This is done through the power of data and artificial intelligence.

They have successfully built China's most extensive data-driven digital infrastructure for precision medicine. This consists of:


LinkCare: It is a digital continuous care platform for patients with critical diseases.

LinkData: It is an AI-enabled curation system for longitudinal medical data.

LinkSolutions: It is a data-driven precision life sciences solution platform. It helps life sciences companies accelerate clinical research and real-world evidence adoption.


These three subsystems interact to create an innovative data-driven digital infrastructure. This helps to provide personalized care and precision medicine with powerful flywheel effects.


The firm focuses on oncology, one of the most complex and aggressive diseases. They believe that tackling one of the most complicated diseases could serve as an excellent foundation to leverage the experience and apply it to other critical diseases.


Now, they are set to enter the market with their upcoming IPO in July.


4. AMTD Digital


Expected IPO Date: July 14, 2021

Symbol: HKD

Exchange: NYSE

Price Range: $6.80 - $8.20

Shares: 16,000,000


AMTD Digital is one of Asia's most comprehensive digital solutions platforms. It has businesses spanning multiple verticals, including digital financial services. It also has SpiderNet ecosystem solutions, digital media, content and marketing, and digital investments.

The firm aspires to understand and anticipate its clients' needs. It provides them with tailored digital solutions with a collaborative overlay. They acquire innovative technological capabilities. This is done by selectively cooperating with and investing in technology partners across Asia.

The aim is to build a solid foundation for their various business endeavors. They generate revenue primarily from commissions and fees. This is sourced from their digital financial services and SpiderNet ecosystem solutions.

SpiderNet Ecosystem Solutions empowers entrepreneurs and corporations. It provides capital, technologies, mentorship, connectivity, and other resources. It helps to accelerate and enhance their digital business transformation and corporate development journeys.


5. Context Therapeutics


Expected IPO Date: Next Week

Symbol: CNTX

Exchange: NASDAQ

Price Range: $12 - $14

Shares: 1,500,000


Context Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. It is dedicated to improving the lives of women living with cancer.

The firm's development team is advancing a pipeline of innovative therapies with a primary focus on treating female cancers, including breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancer.

Their first program and lead product candidate, onapristone extended-release ("ONA-XR"), builds upon a foundation of successful drug development by the management team and advisors in the field of female hormone-dependent cancers.

They believe that ONA-XR, in combination with current standard-of-care anti-estrogens, can significantly improve clinical outcomes.

ONA-XR is currently being evaluated in three Phase 2 trials, one Phase 1b/2 trial, and two Phase 0 biomarker pharmacodynamic trials. This is being done in women with primary or metastatic breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancers.

These trials are intended to establish safety. They will also look at pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and anti-tumor activity at the recommended Phase 2 dose of ONA-XR. It will help to guide potential advancement in Phase 3 development in 2023.


6. Atour Lifestyle


Expected IPO Date: Next Week

Symbol: ATAT

Exchange: NASDAQ

Price Range: $13.50 - $ 15.50

Shares: 19,744,700


Atour Lifestyle is now a leading lifestyle brand in China. It set out as an upper midscale hotel chain group.

They are the largest upper midscale hotel chain in China regarding room numbers as of 2020. They have their hotel network, loyalty program, and data and technology capabilities. The firm has been exploring new ways to set trends for China's hospitality industry. They wish to expand their offerings beyond our hotels.

The firm offers its guests a diversified collection of lifestyle hotel brands. Each brand is created with a unique personality under the unified ethos of inclusivity and the presence of humanness.

In addition, they are the first hotel chain in China to develop a scenario-based retail business. They design their guest room amenities and work closely with manufacturers to deliver top-quality products. They carefully place the relevant products in guest rooms.

Each guest room incorporates a fully immersive shopping destination, enabling us to strengthen our brand elasticity with our guests further. As of March 31, 2021, their hotel network covered 608 hotels spanning 131 cities in China, with 71,121 hotel rooms.



There is something so tempting about a company going public. Buy the right new stock at a low price. You may make it big with the next Amazon (AMZN) or Tesla (TSLA). 

According to the IPO's calendar, these upcoming IPO in July may give that upside.

But they also come with one huge buyer beware. There are countless newly public companies promise that promise to change the world. Instead, they end up losing shareholders heaps of money.


After five years, nearly 60% of public firms had negative returns between 1975 and 2011.

You may choose to invest in these upcoming IPO in July. Then ensure that only allocate a small portion of your portfolio.

This rule carries over to investing in any firm. This holds whether it is newly public or has been on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for a century.

You should diversify your money across many firms. It helps position your money to grow while spreading the risk over multiple options.